Role Based Dashboard

by The Steward

The Steward offers a comprehensive Business Intelligence platform, powered by DynaCubes, that delivers a complete and robust range of analytical capabilities. A role based interactive Dashboard provides ad hoc queries and reports, with charting capabilities and informative KPIs.

Built-in KPIs include KPI scorecard such as trends and change in percentages to indicators such as monthly sales invoices, monthly sales, year-to-date sales and year-to-date sales invoices. Other built in KPIs include top customers & suppliers category statistics, sales by month, sales by region, gross profit, internal consumption. Specialized KPIs for Financials include job analysis, cost analysis and account balance. All KPIs (built-in and user defined) utilize graphical representation of data, with option to select the period, re-group and sort data fields.

In addition, all KPIs utilize a color palette for the graphics, point of view to focus on arguments, values or both. A chart wizard further enhances your KPI experience by offering a wide array of options from construction of the chart such as chart type, appearance, series and data to the presentation level in terms of diagram, panes, axes, point labels, chart titles, legend and annotation. As with all The Stewardforms and packages, you can print and export your KPI to multiple formats such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, HTML, and image.

The StewardRole Based Dashboard