The Case for The Steward – IV

by The Steward

The Steward also boasts a subset of our Business Intelligence solution, DynaCubes, a revolutionary tool giving you access to an almost infinite number of reports and queries, available at the push of a button. The
full DynaCubes Business Intelligence Suite is also available as an option.

In short, The Steward guarantees an excellent ROI in an “Office 2019” like environment; its users (Major Banks and Finance institutions) have reported up to 30% reduction in their administrative and telephone costs.

Another feature included in The Steward, our “forms based auditing feature” releases your team and provide a complete audit trail, literally at the push of a single button.

Last but not least, should your institution offer a “Cafeteria” service to your Staff, we include a full Point of Sale system with kitchen management, inventory of perishable foodstuffs and a full link to your procurement center.

The StewardThe Case for The Steward – IV