The Case for The Steward – III

by The Steward

Dealing with Third Parties

Purchase orders waiting to be sent to your suppliers, internal consumption items needing to be delivered to your departments or employees also trigger alarms and alerts. These alerts are customizable and are very easy to setup.

Another important module is the Enterprise Asset Manager, coupled with a sophisticated Computerized Maintenance Management System, allowing your team to procure assets, depreciate them, maintain them either in house or through a sophisticated Contract Management System.

Looking for an end to the never ending spiral of maintenance costs, trust the Computerised Maintenance Management System of The Steward to allow your teams to provide, request and receive ad hoc, contracted and supervised maintenance, through work orders and follow ups.

Our Third Party Relationship Management allows you team to keep in constant contact with your suppliers and outside parties offering services to your institutions, as well as managing the booking of conference and meeting rooms.

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The StewardThe Case for The Steward – III