The Steward is

Old Fashioned yet Creative

Stringent yet Understanding

Comprehensive yet Specific

Watchful yet Underwhelming

The Case for

The Steward

The Steward, our Cost Control Application provides your business with a solution to control and impute your administrative costs to the departments that have consumed them. It also offers as an option a complete Supply Chain Management to serve your staff base.

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Role Based Scheduler

Scheduler is a useful xRM tool that automates certain tasks such as sending notifications, generating reports or message

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xRM Third Party Relationship Manager

xRM Third Party Relationship Manager


Document Automation

Document Automation


Role Based Dashboard

Role Based Dashboard


Role based  Access Control

Role based Access Control


Forms Based Audit

Forms Based Audit







say about the Steward

“Solifac has been working with “Information Management Limited” (IML) since 2001.

The company offers high quality services in terms of software solutions including but not limited to factoring and accounting applications. The factoring (LeFactor) and accounting applications (The Steward) offers high quality information in terms of usability, effectiveness and security. It is important to point that the software is easily customizable upon the client needs.

During the period of cooperation, IML team has demonstrated professional approach and desire to perform the tasks the best possible way and with high quality.

In our opinion Information management Limited is a competent and reliable supplier for cooperation.”

Solifac / Lina Salem - CEO

“Based on Creditbank S.A.L experience with the The Stewardsoftware developed and provided by Information Management Limited, we hereby confirm that the platform exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, security, ease of use and features in addition to the exceptional Customer Support by IML. ”

CreditBank / Maria Khalife Bazerji - Managing Director, Administrative Affairs

“We are extremely pleased with the quality of services they were able to provide…

IML team has demonstrated professional approach and their participation in improving the operating processes of ANND were valuable.

We recommend Information Management Limited (IML) professional services without any reservation.”

ANND / Aida Youness - Finance Manager

“The team is professional and the customer experience pleasing. In addition, their participation to improve our operations was valuable and they respond quickly to our needs.”

SaradarBank / Caline A. Chahine - Head of Organization & Network Management / Head of Administrative

The Steward Saves YOU


First Few Months


  • 10 Procurements / month
  • Full Support
  • Numerous Interventions / month

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Medium Term

For the First Year


  • 50 Procurements / month
  • Less Support
  • Fewer Interventions / month

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Long Term

Next Years


  • Many Procurements
  • Minimum Support
  • Even Less Interventions

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