The Case for The Steward – II

by The Steward

Cost Control

The Steward, our Cost Control Application provides your business with a solution to control and impute your administrative costs to the departments that have consumed them. It also offers as an option a complete Supply Chain Management to serve your staff base.

The Steward boasts an entire procurement process, with pricing history and flexible category management.The cycle ends with sophisticated Accounts Payable and Treasury modules.

By keeping track of expenses made for professional reasons, and those made for private purposes, recovering or charging the department of the person responsible for the spend is simple and straightforward.

Time on the phone (*Carla, our Call and Resource Logging Application, handles this) and consumables used by your staff, is tracked by department, project, extension (in the case of telephone charges) and personnel name or other parameters defined by The Steward‘s administrator(s). This allows you to charge back your services and expenses at rates set for each agency, employee, a member of staff, project, department or any combination of over ten parameters.

Controlling your expenses is now as simple as printing a statement or an invoice, available from the 240+ customizable reports included in The Steward.
You can set Alarms, to inform you, by email, SMS or directly on your screen, when a particular budget line is nearing its balance, when a member of your staff calls a certain telephone number or when repeated attempts are made on your incoming lines.

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The StewardThe Case for The Steward – II