Role Based Scheduler

by The Steward

Scheduler is a useful xRM tool that automates certain tasks such as sending notifications, generating reports or messages to certain users by email or within the application.

Users can schedule tasks on a periodic basis (particular day/time, week, month) with a specific period (start/end dates) or at a certain occurrence (startup/shutdown) for each task. You can fine tune scheduler for a particular date/time with a repeat interval option as well as designate to which users you want to send the reminders to.

You can schedule a task on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for a particular period with an option to repeat the task for a particular interval (for example every 15 minutes for an urgent notification or 6 hours for a general reminder).

In addition, you can specify an email address that will receive the Scheduler’s daily report, service status and task report. You can directly see the Windows Event Viewer in the Scheduler Window which will display any information messages, warnings and errors with details on date/time, actual message and context from your operating system.

The StewardRole Based Scheduler