The Case for The Steward – I

by The Steward

Your Administration Expenses

Your business faces growing consumables, communication, assets depreciation and maintenance costs. Part of this expense is for services to customers while the other part is use by staff.

Often, when consumables used are not controlled, a trend sets in your environment. People become less careful with items that are made available to use on an everyday basis.

In addition, time spent on the telephone is a resource cost to your business. Staff may be spending time, responding to requests made by your customers. They can also be making personal phone calls during business hours. These overheads, if not controlled, may affect the financial performance of your company.

Unforeseen communication costs (Cellular and International) may be due to fraud. External entities may use your business telephone lines when control is lax, and lines are idle.

Auditing of bills or invoices, as supplied by telecom authorities or trade suppliers is tedious and slow; and thus costly. These costs add up, and the economic burden swells in these difficult times. Standard methods of business auditing, like those based on database triggers, need the full-time intervention of a member of your IT team.

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The StewardThe Case for The Steward – I