Database Independent

by The Steward

The Steward is database independent in the sense it does not rely on rigid data structures enforced by each database vendor but in contrast adapts a flexible seeding technique that is capable of migrating seamlessly to another database. This technique allows the generation of the entire entity table structure in a unified manner across all platforms while at the same time adhering to the database vendor’s requirements and/or constraints. For example, if our application is powered by Microsoft SQL Server, it will appear in the same format and retain the same attributes and features as if the application was running on an Oracle database server.

Currently our applications support most major vendors: Sybase Advantage and ASE, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access (Single & Multi-user), Microsoft SQL Server (including CE Compact Edition), Oracle, Pervasive PSQL. In addition, there is support for open-source databases: Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL as well as for embedded databases: Firebird, SQLite, VistaDB 3.

The StewardDatabase Independent